S St Peter And St Pauls Church
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day 17 November
7.00 pm - Prayers in Church
day 18 November
12.30 pm - Lunch Club
day 19 November
10.00 am - Holy Communion
8.00 pm - Bible Study Group +
at the Vicarage
day 20 November
7.30 pm - Bible Study Group +
16 Orchard Drive
day 21 November
2.00 pm - Bible Study Group +
32 Danes Court
7.00 pm - Choir practice
day 22 November
7.00 pm - Quiz at Dover Baptists +
for the Food Bank
day 23 November
8.00 pm - Holy Communion
10.00 am - Morning Worship +
Rev Pat Springford to preach
6.30 pm - Evensong

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The Church of St. Peter and St. Paul


Welcome to the website of the Church of St Peter and St Paul in the Parish of River, which is home to a thriving worshipping community, and has close links with River Methodist Church.

This website has details of the Church and its activities, and some background information about the area.

If you have any information that you feel could or should be put on this webpage, then please fill in the form found in the Suggestions Page

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